This is a small selection of my music. It spans much of my musical style and work. Please note, these are low quality exports for use with the java / flash player. For higher quality, please contact me via the "about" page.

For my portfolio, please go here.

My first Demo Reel Track

A compilation of several songs into a 5-minute demo reel. High quality version available on request.

Song Number 187

My first song written to be performed live (hopefully somewhere). I plan on scoring it for band.

Song Number 185

Piano, guitar, and screwy beats fun.

Song Number 182

Mellow piano and strings. Soundtrack style.

Song Number 180

My most hard-rock song for a while. Lots of guitar.

Song Number 178

I guess you could call this somewhat cute. Lots of guitars, piano, etc.

Song Number 177

Guitar, bass, percussion, piano, synth, drums, all kinds of stuff.

Song Number 172

Another recent project, soundtrack style with piano, bass, and drums.

Song Number 171

Experimental song, blues scales with filtered guitars, drums, bass, and keyboard.

Song Number 169

A recent unfinished project involving electric guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

Goat City Ambient Tracks

Compiled ambience music for a game level for The Nameless Mod. The second half is the more exciting half, but it is missing an ending.

Song Number 115

Electric guitar with effects in the background, with percussion, and acoustic lead.

Song Number 119

Industrial with bitcrushed guitar in 6/8.

Song Number 129 (Behind Closed Doors)

A redo of an older song called "Behind Closed Doors." Features piano, bass, guitar, and sequenced drumming. I never use loops.

Song Number 133

Just a bit of ambience with a pad, bass, and drumset.

Song Number 139

Some high-energy electric guitar play with synth bass.

Song Number 140

Piano, strings, and vibes in 6/8.

Song Number 150

An experiment with phone sounds in a rock setting.

Song Number 151

A recently finished song, with mellow synth, piano, drumming, and guitar. Watch for the finish.

Song Number 163

Moderately high energy guitar piece.

Song Number 167

Acoustic guitar and piano, in a bittersweet piece.

Song Number 168

More rock with synth.