I've never particularly enjoyed writing autobiographical information on websites. However, I do have a section called "about", so I feel I must fill it with something.

My name is Andy Livingston. I've been doing creative things for as long as I can remember. Pretty much, if you name something "artistic", I will have tried it.

Featured on this website are my various projects, hobbies, and work. You can find my music, painting, guitar customization, and website design on this site. More projects may be added later.

As far as music goes, I've been composing to some degree since I can remember. In the 8th grade, my friend Greg introduced me to a tracker called "modplug", and since then I have been using my computer to produce music. I started off writing techno and electronic music, but have since learned how to play the guitar and bass, so the genre has shifted a bit. My favorite music to write is soundtrack-related.

The painting has been a recent addition to my projects. All my painting is done with spraypaint and hand-cut masking. My first project ever was painting my guitar in the summer of 2007, which you can check out in the "Guitar" section. After that, I tried a similar technique on plexiglas, and glass.

The newest project group I have been working on is website design. I've been doing it for myself for a few years, including this site, but have recently started doing it for other people as well. For examples, see the "WWW" section.

-Contact Information-
I can be reached by email at mostlyharmless (at) comcast (dot) net.